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Well, when we started I told you there was one word that best characterizes “the process.” Exploration. 

As our work together has progressed I hope it’s become more obvious that things how perspective and how we see the world has a big impact on our behavior. It can be positive. Or it can be baggage. All of us have a quantity of both good and bad.

Exploration is simply the opportunity to consider that things can be different. And even that they may already be different. None of us get it right all the time. We sometimes think things are one way, but they’re completely different. Other times we’re spot on with our perceptions. Maybe the best we can hope for is the ability to get it right more often so we can reduce the number of times when we get it so completely wrong.

That keeps things interesting I suppose.

Now it’s time to make things more personally tailored to fit your needs. That’s what this private section will be all about. It’s only accessible to you and me. It’s completely private and confidential.

I’ll try to provide some content and resources that will benefit you as you embark on the current and future challenges. Use me as a resource. Email me, text me or call me if there’s something specific you’d like me to do for you…or some type of resources you’d like to have. I’m here to serve. I can best do that when I give you what you want and need.

Some of the first things I’ll try to provide are some insights in how I’ve personally seen the use of a vetting or hiring committee. I’ll give you the good and the bad. The benefits and the things to watch for. For instance, I’ve had greater success when somebody chairs the committee. If all members are in charge, then nobody is in charge. And as with any group, an entirely new avenue for politics can be created to derail the whole thing. Even so, I think it’s a very effective and worthwhile consideration. So that’s going to be my first order of business in this section.

All this content will contain your name. This is the welcome page. Future pages will all be numbered and contain your name. For example, the next page will be “01 Bob Price.” That way, you’ll be able to quickly see the content that is specific to you.


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