Jason Hartanov: Elevate Your Success (Transform Limiting Beliefs To Grow Your Business And Life)

Do you ever feel like your business and life has the potential to go to a whole new level but you can’t seem to take it there? Well, you’re not alone. And here is something not taught in MBA Schools: The great limiter of every business is the leader’s mindset. Specifically, it’s the limiting beliefs you have about your business and your potential that is holding you back from achieving a new level of success. That’s because our beliefs become our reality, in business and in life.

This Vistage webinar provides members with an understanding and the ability to recognize their upper limit problem and the limiting beliefs that hold them back in their business and their lives. Participants will learn how the mind works to create what we believe and keep us in our comfort zone. Specific emphasis will be on the three steps required to identify, change, and solidify the new beliefs that will empower a breakthrough. Several examples of real case studies for both business and personal will be used to demonstrate the principles and give participants practical ideas to make their own changes.

Click here to download the PDF slide deck (the resolution of the video isn’t very good).

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