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In the Spring of 2022 (May), I pivoted the podcast…slightly in some ways, dramatically in others. 

The podcast has always been dedicated to the promotion of great leadership.  That continues, but with a twist. Now the podcast is going to focus more narrowly on city government leadership. While the traits of great leadership cross into every industry or sector, the nuances of city government leadership will be the focus of our podcast – Grow Great

The dramatic shift came with the addition of another voice – the podcast has always been a singular voice, mine. It’s a major improvement. Lisa Norris joins me to co-pilot the show. Lisa is currently a Managing Director for the City of Grand Prairie, Texas – a forward-thinking municipality in the DFW area.

Lisa and I invite some special guests to add their voices to our conversation. We want your feedback, insights, experiences, wisdom, and questions, too. Use the contact page.

Leadership isn’t about a title or position. It’s a focus on others – not ourselves! It’s about influence. It’s about doing for others what they can’t do for themselves. That’s what this podcast is all about.



This podcast is not affiliated with the City of Grand Prairie, Texas. The content is copyrighted by Bula Network, LLC and our opinions, insights, and experiences are uniquely our own. 

We fictionalize real-world situations in order to maintain confidentiality. Coaching sessions are sacredly confidential and safe. For the benefit of our audience, we share insights, experiences, and wisdom derived from actual encounters, events, and situations by completely altering various details so we can remain the safest people possible for those we serve. Few things are more important to us than the psychological safety of those we serve and lead. 

GROW GREAT • Your Leadership Path Forward Begins With Your Own Growth
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Grow Great a public sector leadership podcastAbout the hosts: Randy Cantrell brings over 4 decades of experience as a business leader and organization builder. Lisa Norris brings almost 3 decades of experience in HR and all things "people." Their shared passion for leadership and developing high-performing cultures provoked them to focus the Grow Great podcast on city government leadership.

The work is about achieving unprecedented success through accelerated learning in helping leaders and executives "figure it out." 

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