Happy Friday The 13th: Good-Bye! (352)

Cue Tom Petty’s classic hit song from his fabulous Wildflowers’ album, Time To Move On. ? Tom’s singing about divorce, but if I were singing the song it’d be about my long-last professional shift. Today, I hope you get some value as I rehearse with you the general angst and execution (or lack) of the [...]

Customer Attraction: What’s Your One Big Brand Advantage? (351)

Dig out that SWOT analysis. It’ll come in handy. Part of figuring out your best moves to ratchet up your branding is to figure out what customers really want, what you’re really good at and what weaknesses exist in the competition. There’s no magic to it. It’s a basic formula to help you create the [...]

Customer Attraction: Building A Brand (350)

What do your sales conversations sound like? What do they look and feel like? You may think that brand building isn’t even a third cousin to sales conversations. Positioning your brand has much to do with the sales conversation. “Everybody knows our brand. We’ve spent millions through the years getting our name out there.” There [...]

Customer Attraction: Be Genuine (349)

Let’s get something out of the way. If you’re genuinely a jerk, then this won’t work well. ;) Genuine means you’re real, not hypocritical. It means you’re YOU. Whatever that is. I can explain using myself (as always, it’s easier to pick on myself than to pick on somebody else). Here are a few bullet-point [...]

Losing A Who (348)

After today I’ll be away the rest of the week because I lost another WHO in my life. Who you surround yourself with matters! I’ve surrounded myself with some important WHOs. Over the weekend I lost one of them, a very close family friend I’ve known all my life. His son, Stanley, was my lifelong [...]

Thanksgiving Is The Enemy Of Discontent And Dissatisfaction (347)

“We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.”         – Harry A. Ironside Harry was a preacher in Chicago. Anybody familiar with the Bible has to have an awareness of gratitude and being thankful. Mostly to God, but also for each other and whatever we’ve [...]

Marketing In The Moment: Multiply Your Marketing (346)

We wrap up this week’s series on Marketing In The Moment with some thoughts about multiplying our marketing. One obvious way to do that is with money, but writing checks isn’t my point today. If you can write bigger checks and effectively drive business growth, then by all means…write the checks. Most of us don’t [...]