Creating Conditions For Success (336)

No, it’s not a secret. There are no secrets to success. It requires hard work, preparation, skill, talent, timing, serendipity, and good luck. I’m probably leaving something out, but you get the idea. I live in Tornado Alley. Tornado activity is highest in the Spring, but within the last month, we had extensive damage from [...]

How To Interview Job Candidates (335)

Small business owners often struggle to recruit, hire, train and retain people. For good reason, most don’t have a formal HR department headed with a professional equipped to navigate the modern personnel landscape. There are a few things every small business owner can do to make the interview part of the process more impactful. Many [...]

They Know How To Listen (334)

A few years ago I stumbled onto a group – a non-profit based in Cincinnati, Ohio. It wasn’t because I qualified to join their ranks. But it was because I read some heartbreaking story of a father whose daughter was murdered. His pain was obvious and he mentioned how people disappeared on him in his [...]

Should You Tell Them, Or Ask Them? (333)

Earlier this year I lost a lifelong mentor. He had battled health problems for a number of years, but his death came quite unexpectedly. Last week I was speaking with a buddy about mentors and surrounding yourself with people who can ideally serve you. Mostly we were talking about how rare and important it is [...]

The Answer To “What’s Important?” Is The Name Of Somebody You Love (332)

“What’s important?” The answer can vary from hour to hour. Sometimes, minute to minute. But that’s business. And while it can consume our life, it’s not our life. Not really. I missed recording a show Monday because life got in the way. It happens. It’s happened to you. It happens to everybody. Matt Kearney is [...]

Alone (331)

Feeling all alone is a serious ailment. It’s not fatal. Not necessarily. But it can be if you don’t get unstuck from it. Leaders too often get stuck in loneliness because the team isn’t a team any more. Maybe they never were. Not as much as they should be. They may have once been but [...]

Surviving Success (330)

Dog chases car. Dog catches car. Dog has no idea what to do with car. Success can be like that. We spend so much time pursuing it that once we achieve it, we’re not sure what to do next. Yeah, I know – it’s a great problem to have. But it seems that no sooner [...]