Marketing In The Moment: Measure Your Marketing (345)

A UK business guy produced a brilliant little video about how 1 in 8 men in the UK have NO FRIENDS. Entrepreneurship is lonely. Extremely so. The Peer Advantage by Bula Network doesn’t promise to provide you lifelong friends, but the value proposition does include removing the loneliness of owning and operating your business. It’s [...]

Marketing In The Moment: Monitor Your Marketing (344)

Marketing In The Moment – A 3-Part Series This week I plan to briefly discuss marketing. Today we start things off with monitoring your marketing. Wednesday we’ll talk about measuring your marketing and on Friday we’ll discuss multiplying your marketing. By monitoring I mean you take a good, hard look at your marketing. So many [...]

The Speed Of Small Adjustments (343)

This week the focus has been on details and seemingly small things. Because they can make all the difference. Let’s end this week with a focus on speed. Especially the speed with which we can make small adjustments. I wish I were a guitar player, but I’m not. I’ve just dreamed about it since I [...]

Details Make The Difference (And Make Your Business Better) (342)

I grew up in retailing, which is closely related to the hospitality business. Little things matter. “The devil is in the details.” This is why small percentages of improvement can garner big differences in performance. It’s the 80/20 rule or maybe better yet the 95/5 rule. There seems to be statistical evidence behind the 80/20 [...]

Make Being Different Better (341)

Be different. We mean, “Be different in a good way.” One of the very first marketing and advertising lessons I learned was the power of zigging when everybody else was zagging. The point was simple, but not easy. You have to stand out from the crowd. Separating yourself from the competition may be easier in [...]

Gotta Learn To Hit The Curveball (340)

I watch just enough baseball to be dangerous. When Pudge Rodriguez was catching for the Texas Rangers I remember going to a few games. His arm at throwing out runners attempting to steal a base was spectacular. Much more so in person than on TV. Since I was young I was probably more fascinated at [...]

Failure Is Always An Option (339)

“Failure is not an option.” Another platitude that sounds good, but is colossally wrong. Failure is possible in everything. And probable, too. That’s just the truth. Fact. Does that mean you should fear it? Not necessarily. More importantly, you should likely prepare for it. Not by bracing for it, but by planning worst-case-scenario. So often [...]