The Genius Of Being Bold (324)

Genius gets more freely thrown around than hero. Both are grossly overused. But I’m still going to use genius when it comes to today’s topic of boldness. Bold has some terrific synonyms. Daring Fearlessness Bravery Courage Audacity Confidence Enterprise Grit Guts Moxie I rather like them all. Now you can better understand why I’m going [...]

Metcalfe’s Law: The Value Of A Network (323)

Metcalfe’s Law was originally about telecommunications networks. The value of a network grows in proportion to the square of the number of users, which means once a network reaches a certain size, it becomes somewhat irresistibly attractive. Tim Sanders in his classic book, LOVE IS THE KILLER APP, wrote this: “Someday this will be true [...]

Being A Better You: Be Reflective (322)

Some famous people are famously impolite. Coach Bob Knight. Billy Bob Thorton. Justin Bieber. But to be fair these people have a disadvantage. Fame. Fortune. People clamoring to be close to them. What’s your excuse? ;) Some leaders are miserable human beings. They’re unpleasant, impolite and rude much of the time. I know that’s not [...]

The Quickest Way To Improve? Change Your Inner Circle

Today I want to share with you an irresistible offer for entrepreneurs craving to grow their business, their leadership, and their life. The aim is to hit two business building trifectas: Getting new customers Serving existing customers better Not going crazy in the process That’s the first trifecta that we all hope to hit. But [...]

Conversations: They’re About Heart & Meaning (321)

Conversations have bound humans since the beginning. Yes, the VERY beginning. Talking with one another. Talking with God. Conversations are about expressions of our heart. Quite literally, conversations answer the question, “What’s on your mind?” Society stopped listening. I’m not sure when it happened, but the Internet isn’t the culprit. Digital technology may have contributed [...]

The Basic Ingredients of Leadership According To Warren Bennis (320)

Back in episode 318 we talked about the first basic ingredient of leadership according to famed leadership expert Warren Bennis – GUIDING VISION. Let’s kick this week off with a brief discussion on the other ingredients Mr. Bennis found foundational to effective leadership. Guiding Vision (see episode 318) Passion – Bennis felt this was next [...]

You Have To Understand Why You’re Winning And Why You’re Losing (319)

True confession: I’m not a baseball fan. I only watch it when the league championship finals begin. But I recently heard a radio interview with the manager of the Texas Rangers, Chris “Woody” Woodward. While answering a question about what being a first-year major league manager he uttered that quote. You have to understand why [...]