We can be a miserable lot. Humans. History has proven our capacity to treat one another poorly. The first children ever born demonstrate it. Cain killed his brother Abel. According to the FBI, 24.8% of homicides are committed by family members. Just imagine how horrific we can behave toward people we don’t even care about. [...]

Recently I’ve been leveraging the power of character strengths to help leaders and business owners figure out improved team alignment. It begins with leaders having an enlightened awareness of their own character. This isn’t a talent or skill based strength. Rather, it’s character. It’s much more geared toward the essences of who you are at [...]

“That’s not how I see it.” We’ve all used that sentence. Some more than others. Question: how open are you to understand another perspective? About anything. But let’s keep this business related. In the past few weeks, my work has revolved heavily around helping CEOs deal with roster issues. In some cases, the CEO doesn’t [...]