The Value of Personal Assessments

Assessments: Are Any Of Them Worthwhile?

Maybe you’ve taken one or more of these in the past. Some put too much stock in them. Others, discount them as worthless. Me? I find them incredibly useful and I’ll tell you why.

  • They provide a great framework for dialogue and strategic planning.
  • They validate what we may already think or know.
  • They often reveal things we didn’t know at all, or prompt us to consider new things.
  • One-size doesn’t fit all. For instance, I’m fond of two particular profiles because they each approach assessment from a different angle. The DISC profile is more about personality and communication style. The Gallop StrengthsFinder profile is more about a person’s core strengths. Together, they provide a pretty accurate picture to help a person examine their life and create a plan that will advance their career.
  • They’re a great tool to flatten the learning curve when we’re trying to improve ourselves. Anything that can save us time and effort is worthwhile. It’s why you’re considering coaching. If you could do it on your own just as fast, and just as effectively — then you’d do it. But, we’re all able to make faster progress when we have people and tools that help us.

I recommend the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment from Gallop. You can buy it directly from Gallop here. Currently, the top 5 profile is about $10. If you want the full-blown profile that will reveal all 34, it’ll cost you just under $90. Either way, it’s money well spent and you’ll find the results enlightening. I strongly recommend that all my coaching clients purchase one of these and share the results with me.

Buy the Cliften StrengthsFinder assessment (either one) here.

I also recommend the DISC profile for all my individual coaching clients. I don’t sell the DISC profile, but Dan Miller does and it’s a great cost effective tool. You can buy it directly from Dan here. I only ask that clients share their profile with me so I can better serve them. Watch the short video below if you’re unfamiliar with the DISC profile.

Buy the Standard profile here. It’s currently less than $30.

If you are interested in executive coaching, click the button below to take the Bula Network Strategic Assessment. It’s completely free and without obligation.


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