Choosing To Be Meaningful

make life an exclamation point

Life can be a period…or an exclamation point!

We decide our own direction. Perhaps some have more opportunities. Or better circumstances. But still, we all make choices. It’s our life. It’s our choice.

We can decide to be victims who are “unlucky” or we can decide that in spite of our challenges we’re going to climb to success. No matter how long it takes.

Too frequently I hear people talk about what they’ll do “one of these days.” Why, one of these days they’re going to do something they really want to do. One of these days, they’re going to do something meaningful!

How sad. To consider that years and years have been devoted to something that is meaningless!

Which is more difficult:

a) Getting up each day to do something you feel is meaningless or

b) Getting up each day attempting – perhaps not succeeding – at doing something you feel is meaningful?

Trudging through the day feeling like you’re not making a difference is among the toughest work out there. And hoards of people line up each day to join in. Daily, they go home beaten down, frustrated and defeated. Wishing life were better. Or just different.

But personal accountability means embracing the adage, “If it is to be, it’s up to me!” That’s where too many people surrender to the false belief that accomplishment is merely good fortune, luck or some other arbitrary energy beyond their grasp. Fooled by their own blindness to see the opportunities, they’re focused on the misery that seems to sum up their life. Unaware that R.E.M. had it right, “Everybody hurts…sometimes.” But not everybody embraces it and wraps it around themselves like a warm blanket. Resilient people toss it aside and get on with the hard work of choosing to be meaningful.

It begins with a choice, making up your mind. Choose to be meaningful.


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