Coaching Session – 2nd Intermission


Okay, it’s time to catch your breath again.

It’s time for more reflection…to think quietly and calmly.”

By now we’ve developed some objectives and action items. Hopefully, we’ve accomplished a few of them, too. But our work is only approaching the first quarter pole (we’re about 90 days in so far).

I’m a speed freak, but in order to ramp up speed we’ve got to have traction. Much of our work so far has been designed for the traction necessary so we can gain maximum speed.

These virtual sessions will start to arrive a bit less frequently. Up to this point they’ve been scheduled 5 days apart. Now, they’ll be about 7 days apart. You may not notice much difference. I’m doing this because we’re now in what I call “the heavy lifting” phase of our work. I know you’re busy, but I also know I have to serve you well. Don’t expect my pushiness to subside (smile). It won’t. Just expect me to work even harder to make more progress faster!

I can best help you when I know what’s working best and what’s not working as well. The survey below is designed to help me serve you better! I’m asking you to improve, so it’s only fair that I demonstrate my willingness to improve, too.

Thanks and I’m honored to be serving you,

Coaching 2nd Intermission Client Feedback

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