Coaching Session 31

Today’s audio is 5:31 minutes long.

Getting to the work is often the hard part, but not the hardest.

The work is always hard before it’s easy. Will it get easier? Maybe. But it’ll likely get harder first.

I’m disruptive. Not because I enjoy it, but because the work demands it. Convenient and comfortable aren’t attributes of excellence. Your performance isn’t going to soar by continuing on a path that didn’t satisfy your need to fly higher, go faster and further. So I’ve shaken your world.

It’s not unusual for clients to want to run away and hide some days. It’s the flight reaction many of us have when faced with difficult circumstances. And it’s pretty common – especially when I’m working with teams – for somebody to take offense to the process. Remember me talking at length about the importance of “the process.” Well, not everybody appreciates the process because my work disrupts the normal everyday routine. Most people hate change, especially change they may not fully understand.

But you understand it. I know you do because I’ve not had a single client ever who didn’t. Leaders have an understanding that others lack. They see what others sometimes fail to see.

d82312806533012f2fdb00163e41dd5b copyI don’t want you to micromanage yourself now that our work may be complete. I do want you to measure your behavior, your responses and your leadership. That means, I want you to be intentional. Not reactionary. Not impulsive.

If our work together is going to have a lasting impact – and that’s exactly what I want it to have – then you’re going to have to craft your own process and devote yourself to it. You’re also going to have insist that your employees comply. I know I’ve brow beaten you with talk about willingness and how critical it is to your team’s success! Now you know why. If an employee refuses to comply with your process and your leadership, then they’ll put a major kink in your effectiveness. Don’t tolerate it. Correct it. Or rid yourself of the hindrance.

Remarkable work demands people committed to the effort. It doesn’t require remarkable people. It just requires ordinary people capable of doing remarkable things together. This work isn’t about building a team vastly superior to any other organization. It’s not about your ability to attract world-class talent. It’s not even about you being world-class yourself. Excellence and remarkable performance don’t necessarily need those things. But they do need something you already possess.

Willingness and determination.

Hire those traits. Coach those traits. Mentor those traits. Celebrate them.

Because the bottom line to all this is an ability to change. To be coached. To be open to alternatives. To explore options. To consider how things can be improved.

Your enemy is the status quo. Your enemies are those within your team who will sabotage your efforts because they feel threatened, or because they don’t understand.

Your enemy may sometimes be YOU. You may find yourself pushing back against your own rational urge to be disruptive so you can improve and innovate. Don’t avoid the struggle, but refuse to lose. Make sure your inner urge to push to new levels always wins. That may be more difficult if you’ve been doing your job for many years. Push back. Hard. Don’t quit growing. Don’t quit innovating.

Lastly, let me say, “Thank you!”

Thank you for allowing me to serve you. I hope I’ve fulfilled my promise to you. Your login here will remain alive (at least as long as this website does). Keep my contact information. Call me or email me if you need me. I enjoy keeping in touch.

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