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In short, my coaching centers on just one thing; helping my clients figure it out. The clients decide what “it” is. It varies on the person. I don’t sit in judgment. Or tell people what to do. Or what they “should” do. Instead, I concentrate on helping accelerate the learning, understanding, and growth of my clients. Think LUG (learning, understanding, growth).

My business coaching focuses on 3 areas:

1. to help clients get more customers

2. to help clients serve those customers better

3. to help clients not go crazy in the process

I also do executive/leadership coaching, which sometimes includes people who work inside “non-business” organizations (i.e. city government, non-profits, etc.). 

After listening to my podcasts, reading the blog posts, following me on Twitter and watching my videos you surely have a rock-solid opinion of me. My guess is, you either love what I do or you hate it. That’s okay. In fact, that’s better than okay. It’s great. Indifference is the killer disease I hope to avoid – in my life and in the opinions others have of me.

My name is Randy Cantrell. I’ve personally managed hundreds of millions of dollars of sales, managed staffs of commissioned salespeople, built marketing organizations that pushed through to top-level performance and launched plenty of dreams and ideas. As you can see, I’m not a twenty-something with limited life/business experiences. Maturity, honesty, and candor are my hallmarks.

I only have one objective: to help you push your life, your career, and your business forward. Sustained performance generates success. Your accelerated performance requires skill, knowledge and lots of hard work. If you’re looking for a person with easy answers who tells you how you can have the life of your dreams by working only 4 hours a week…well, I’m not that guy. It sells, but it just doesn’t work. I’m after results, not platitudes. I’m chasing high-performance, not Internet fame.

I can’t help everybody. Not everybody can afford what I charge. Even so, I’m offering virtual coaching so I can help more people. With over 30 years of business experience I know I can help nudge your career and business forward. I have made this service as affordable as possible and I only have one hitch. I’ll only work with clients who give me enough time and information to help them.

Since I’m a results-oriented coach I’m not interested in burning up your money. Whether you buy this virtual coaching or not won’t make a huge difference in my lifestyle. This is not just a money-making effort, even though I’m quite interested in earning what I’m worth (and you should be, too). My virtual coaching is no different than any of my coaching – your success is the measurement. If you fail, I fail. I only ask that you give it your best effort.

Openings are limited, but my objective is to work with as many people as I can. Teaching, inspiring and encouraging your higher human performance is the name of the game.


Randy Cantrell
Bula Network, LLC

Effective immediately I’m accepting new coaching clients. A free 20-minute phone call is required. It serves a few useful purposes, for both of us. Contact me today if you’re interested.

a. I can’t help everybody. Maybe you’re not the right fit for me, maybe I’m not the right fit for you, maybe there are better options to address your specific challenge or maybe we conclude that my services won’t give you the most value. People have unique situations. There are no one-size-fits-all approaches to proper business coaching. This is a very personal service.

b. Forms and surveys don’t tell me what I want to know, and they fail to convey personality. I want to get to know people. It’s a strength, but it’s also not easy to do with a written document. Besides, in the time it takes you to complete a survey, and the time it takes me to read it – we could have talked. You’ve got plenty of audio and video of me. You have some sense of who I am, but I may have no clue about you. I want to hear your voice and get to know you. Even if we don’t move forward and work together…it’s always nice to get to know somebody. And if we do decide to work together, you’ll enjoy the assessment I do have you fill out.

c. A brief conversation speeds up everything. Have you ever had a misunderstanding or problem with somebody, and you’ve exchanged email after email without any resolution? Sure, we’ve all done that. Frustrated, we finally come to the realization that we just need to talk with this person. Yeah, it’s very low-tech, but human interaction – dialogue between people – will never go out of style. You obviously know by now that I’m fond of this method of communication. So, let’s talk!

I have three coaching options, including the monthly coaching option. Click on the email link below the one you’re interested in. Thank you!

Bula Basic – $1000 one time investment

Consider Bula Basic Coaching when: you’re grappling with issues involving money, opportunities, difficulties; you’re at a transition point in your career; you’re evaluating options for an encore career; you need inspiration or a no holes barred nudge (or even kick); you’re looking for an outside perspective on how to grow or change your business; you’d like some help in building a social media strategy;  or you need someone to listen and help you think through things.

This package consists of:
• Two (2) 60-minute Skype coaching sessions
• Recorded so you can review it as frequently as you’d like
• Four (4) emails


(Just put “Bula Basic” in the subject line and be sure to include your cell number. I’ll text you and we’ll schedule the 20-minute intro call. No obligation!)


Bula Deluxe  – $1600 for an entire month

Many clients have specific challenges and needs that can often be met head-on with regular effort over an entire week or at most, over a month. The Bula Deluxe package is designed to give clients a more comprehensive approach to their specific challenges.

This package consists of:
• Weekly (4 total) 60-minute Skype coaching sessions
• Recorded so you can review it as frequently as you’d like
• Weekly emails for the entire month


(Just put “Bula Deluxe” in the subject line and be sure to include your cell number. I’ll text you and we’ll schedule the 20-minute intro call. No obligation!)


Monthly Coaching Programs – $1500 per month

(minimum 3-month commitment – paid monthly)

This package consists of:
• 60-minute scheduled phone or Skype call each week (4 per month)
• Recorded so you can review it as frequently as you’d like
• Unlimited emails*
* Unlimited texting*

* emails/texts are returned same or next business day (typical clients get twice the personal interaction as the one-month service)


(Just put “Bula Monthly” in the subject line and be sure to include your cell number. I’ll text you and we’ll schedule the 20-minute intro call. No obligation!)


In-person Coaching & Consulting

This is currently restricted to the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area.
Call my 24-Hour-Voicemail: (214) 736-4406.


The Happiness Guarantee
I insist that you love it.*

*You know I can’t promise you any financial success. This is like any other business endeavor. Mileage varies. People are different. Their effort is different. Their circumstances are different. I make no performance guarantees. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. However, if you are unhappy for any reason – within 30 days after our work together is complete – I will promptly refund your entire payment. I don’t want anybody to be unhappy with the value I provide. Your happiness with my service is more important to me than any amount of money.

That’s it. No fine print. No risk.


My business philosophy is below. It’s non-negotiable.