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How about a fresh start?

“I need her to be more strategic. She’s in the weeds and I need her to see the bigger picture.”

“He’s stuck. In the past 6 months, he’s had some unexpected turnover and it’s disrupted his team. He’s struggling right now.”

“She’s making excuses instead of making a difference. I know she can be a superior performer, but she needs help to figure it out.”

I hear it almost every day when a boss contacts me about an employee they believe in – a leader on their team. Leaders and emerging leaders sometimes struggle to graduate from the person who does the work to the person who manages and leads the work. Helping people figure out that transition is a large part of what I do. And it’s not only for emerging leaders…because sometimes long-term leaders struggle with being stuck. Frequently, my clients are superior-performing, seasoned executives who have encountered some difficulties that have derailed their thinking — and blinded them to the various improvements possible. In every case, the client does the work. My role is to meet each client where they are and help them accelerate figuring out the best path forward. World-class high performance is the goal. For your team. 

And for you!

“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I need to figure out some better ways to manage and lead so I can try to get my life back.”

“I recently lost my CFO who had been with me 11 years. It threw me for a loop and I’m struggling to get myself on track. I’m doubting myself like never before and I hate it.”

“We’re going through some major upheaval and I’m afraid of what I can’t see. I can’t confide in just anybody and I need somebody I can trust to help me see things more clearly.”

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The Ideal Outcome

Your ideal outcome. Not mine. What is YOUR ideal outcome for yourself? That’s what my coaching is designed to help you achieve.

Because many leaders are the subject matter experts in charge of a team, department, or group – they can sometimes be tempted to dive back down into doing the work, robbing their people of opportunities. The 4 pressure points involved in my coaching are the two vertical pressures (Eye In The Sky versus Boots On The Ground) and the two horizontal ones (You vs. Others).

Eye In The Sky is the strategic and big picture.

Boots On The Ground is doing the work, often described as being “in the weeds.” Sometimes leaders must dive into the weeds (details) because that’s where the snakes (dangers) are. Effective leaders can’t stay there though.

You is taking care of yourself, including your own accountability and improvement. It’s unfair to challenge your team members to improve if you’re not willing to do it first.

Others is the pinnacle of all leadership – we do what we do for the benefit of others. Leaders serve. 

The beginning of every engagement begins with how we see leadership. People see leadership in a variety of ways. My approach is designed to ideally serve my clients and those people under their leadership. It’s not very complicated.

  1. Leaders serve others.
  2. Leadership is influence. Great leadership is high-impact influence.
  3. Leaders do for others what they’re unable to do for themselves.

This is NOT consulting. Consulting tends to fall into 2 categories: do it for you or tell you what to do. Some refer it to as “give a man a fish” type work.

This is NOT coaching as most define it. Coaching tends to be characterized as “teach a man to fish” type work.

Instead, my coaching focuses on helping you figure out if you even like fish! 😉

Each calendar year, I work one-on-one with a limited number of entrepreneurs, executives, city government leaders, creatives, and high achievers who are ready for accelerated professional and personal growth. This work is also conducted online via Zoom with some in-person sessions (limited to the DFW metro area).

This is not some cookie-cutter generic training with a printed certificate at the end so you can brag about finishing. It’s real-world, meet-you-where-you-are exploration so you can start figuring it out immediately. That means you’ll gain insights so you can see things you didn’t see before. It all starts with how you think – and how you see things. That will change your actions and behavior so you can learn to become a more effective leader. It’s hard work, but the rewards are priceless!

My coaching is a “judgment-free” zone. My clients understand the power of commitment to their own growth. You can achieve the highest return on investment by investing in yourself. I’m not just talking about your professional growth, but I’m talking about helping you achieve growth in every area of your life. Being able to pursue and achieve YOUR ideal outcome.

This isn’t for everybody. Transformation isn’t easy, but it’s often magical.

The return on investment for my coaching is often difficult for clients to quantify because the acceleration of growth can be priceless. It’s about helping you avoid blind spots and helping you see things from varied perspectives that can help you improve your life. Bula Network coaching accelerates your ability to figure things out. It’s not about me figuring it out for you, or telling you what to do, or what not to do. It’s your life and you alone must make the choice. And take action. I’m here to help you figure it out faster.

The ROI isn’t just measured in your growth and performance, but in your ability to lead others in their growth and performance, too. Click the link now, complete the form, and let’s talk about your situation. I can guarantee it’ll be a fun, profitable, and completely free conversation.

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Because YOU are a complete person!

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