Coaching & Workshops

Customized workshops and group facilitation are now conducted using video conferencing platforms (as of March 2020 due to the Covid19 pandemic). 

Each calendar year, I work one-on-one with a limited number of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, creatives, and high achievers who are ready for professional and personal growth. This work is also conducted online via a video conferencing platform.

I help my clients overcome constraints and limitations and to realize their strengths so they can experience remarkable growth.

My coaching is a “judgment-free” zone. My clients understand the power of commitment to their own growth. You can achieve the highest return on investment by investing in yourself. I’m not just talking about your professional growth, but I’m talking about helping you achieve growth in every area.

My coaching isn’t for everybody. Some people don’t even want it. Personal growth begins with your desire. If you don’t want it, then you won’t be properly devoted to becoming a better version – hopefully, the best version – of yourself. Transformation isn’t easy, but it’s often magical.

If you’re committed to elevating your own human performance, and living a life more congruent with what matters most to you, then let’s talk.

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