Don’t Be That Dog! 3 Things Solopreneurs Must Do To Prepare For “Yes”

Nothing happens until something is sold. I’ve heard that all my business life, and I believe it. However, today I find myself advising people to better prepare so they can sell. Some businesses are unprepared for prospects to say, “Yes.” They’ve neglected the foundational elements of building a business.

People start new businesses  and often find the struggle much harder than they imagined. It’s not necessarily because they’ve got a bad idea. Or because they’re inept. Or because they lack capital.

Increasingly I find people struggling to do the actual work of business building. Some people confess they don’t know where to start, or how to start. Excitement and passion soon give way to frustration. Depression sets in and many entrepreneurs feel as though they’ve put on concrete boots. They’re stuck. Unable to move.

Marketing is vital to any enterprise because without customers…we have no business. Today’s show isn’t about marketing though. Let’s back up just a bit and discuss three things you must incorporate into your business so you can successfully market and deliver. These three things seem to elude many start-up entrepreneurs. Admittedly, all three of these things demand hard work. You’ll have to set aside significant time to develop these things. And you’ll have to make up your mind that you’ll devote yourself to the effort and energy required to make your business fly. Successful business building requires tenacity.

Today, start building your business by preparing to serve customers with predictable success. Get ready to dazzle customers. Prepare for the “yes” – for a customer to buy from you – and then put your business in motion to deliver extraordinary service to the customer. That’s how word will spread that you’re the go to person for your niche.

Fail to prepare and when you hear a customer say “yes,” you’ll embarrass yourself. Too many small businesses – especially solopreneurs – behave like that barking dog chasing a car. Barking is marketing. Don’t get all wound up, fully devoted to marketing. You have to prepare for the positive results you hope to get from your marketing. If the car stops, the barking dog is now clueless how to respond. Don’t be that dog!

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