Episode 88 – Share, Don’t Solicit! (The World Needs To Know What You Have To Offer)

You hate selling. It embarrasses you. You feel like a lowlife…like you’re wearing a polyester leisure suit.

You’re an idiot. Not because you’re selling, but because you feel like dog meat when you do.

If our founding fathers hadn’t shared their beliefs and convictions…our constitution would have never been written or adopted.

The cool stuff in your house – that stuff you really love – wouldn’t be there if somebody hadn’t sold it to you.

No, there’s no difference in the two sentences above. One is an idea. The other a product. But the fact is, if neither had been shared, then others wouldn’t have benefited. Neither would have spread. Or succeeded.

I love Field Notes. You can check out episode 87 and see a picture of 5 of them. I have dozens more. I’ve spent way yonder too much money with these cool kids in Chicago who market and sell Field Notes notebooks.

I bought my first 3-pack when they were first introduced. Since then, I’ve found them irreplaceable. Moleskines don’t replace them. Reporter’s Notebooks won’t either. Field Notes are unique. And I never knew I needed them until they told me I needed them. And until they shared with me why I needed them. Boy am I glad they shared the story – otherwise, I’d have never known about them.

Marcus Sheridan is known as The Sales Lion. He and some buddies started a swimming pool company, River Pools & Spas. Marcus started blogging about swimming pools. He wasn’t shouting, “Buy a pool from us!” He was simply sharing his insights and expertise on swimming pools. Every day his company encountered people who had questions about having a pool built, owning a pool and maintaining a pool. What to blog about? Marcus had a made-to-order content strategy  – he set about to blog the answers to all those questions. Selling was sharing. Sharing was selling.

On Tuesday, May 10th Seth Godin posted a blurb over at The Domino Project entitled, “The paradox of the paid PDF ebook.” It’s applicable to today’s show because it’s also about the power of sharing.

The world will never know the value of your offer if you refuse to share. The world needs more value. The world needs the benefits you bring. Start sharing. Freely.

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