Move Your Idea Off The Back Burner Today

from a simmer to a boil

It’s an idea.

Maybe just a passing thought.

We put it back there on that back burner. That’s where we put things to simmer.

Things can simmer without much attention because simmering takes time.

Once in awhile we peek in. Maybe we give it a gentle stir.

We’ve got other things on the front burner that demand our constant attention. They’re the major projects in our life. They’re burning hotter. Some of them are on a rolling boil.

That front burner item is eventually done. It’s ready to come off the cooktop all together. To make room for that back burner idea.

Ideas and projects have a lifespan. Cooking isn’t always the answer. When something is done, it’s done! Time to remove the heat and get on with the other elements of preparation.

Right now you’ve got something on the back burner that deserves to be moved to the front burner. It’s been back there simmering long enough. Bring the heat. Get it ready for the plate.

It’ll mean you’ve got to remove something, but that’s okay. You’ve got plenty of things that you’ve been thinking of getting off the stove. Get them off today.

It’s a birth and death cycle. Something comes off the front burner to make room for something deserving. Today’s the day to get that back burner idea out front where it can have a chance to fully develop.

Timing may be everything, but there’s no day like today!

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