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Bula is a Fiji term analogous to “aloha” in Hawaiian meaning both hello and goodbye. It also means “life” and carries with it the connotation that life is good. I’m not from Fiji. I’ve never been to Fiji, but I’d love to visit there someday. Fact is, I came across this word when I was in my 20s and fell in love with it so I began to use it as the salutation on internal memos to my staff. I had to explain it the first time I used it, but once was enough. It’s a memorable word.

Network is all about people. They make a difference. YOU make the difference. The power is in the collective – some of us, many of us, all of us – working together.

Great leadership begins with humility and the desire to serve. Humility fosters curiosity, which is the number one requirement for understanding. That promotes compassion. Connection, collaboration, and conversation fuel the most powerful resource available, people. Roll it all up and you define your culture. And your culture includes your career, your group or team, and your organization. We all need to learn how to better leverage the power of others as we pursue higher performance.

“If your end of the boat sinks, so does mine.”

Speed is key, but not frenzy. Thoughtful consideration. Purposeful intent.

Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson



“Having someone do certain things for you is like getting someone to chew your food for you.

It might be easier to swallow but it loses all its flavor…

And you want the flavor!”

  • Ze Frank
I don’t want to chew it for you, but I do want to help you figure out a better and faster way to savor the flavors.

Randy Cantrell

Randy Cantrell started Bula Network, LLC to help CEOs, city government leaders, business owners, executives, and leaders grow, improve and transform.

I’m an operator, a practitioner. I’m not a pundit. As for being a thought leader, I am. I lead my own thoughts, but you’re in charge of your own. I’ve got my hands full.

The work isn’t about telling you what to do, or what you should do. It’s about helping you achieve what you most want. Mostly, it’s about helping you figure out what you most want and how to move forward toward your goals.

The bottom line is I don’t just talk about leadership and higher human performance, I pursue it. I’m highly motivated to learn from you because I know what I know and that’s severely limiting. The more I learn from others, the more I grow, improve, and transform. Lifelong curiosity is a blessing.

Business, organization, leadership, life – I serve individuals, companies, organizations, and teams.

For business owners and executives, it’s all about hitting the trifecta of successful business building:

a) getting new customers,
b) serving existing customers better and
c) not going crazy in the process.

For city government leaders, it’s all about building a culture that fosters higher human performance.

All the work is about LEADERSHIP. No matter the context, it’s about learning, understanding, improvement, and growth! We lead people (including ourselves). We manage the work.

Organization coaching is customized for every client, and always focused on those six C’s –

Curiosity • Compassion • Connection

Communication • Collaboration • Culture

These six C’s comprise the biggest one of all – CHANGE. I’m an experienced Change Management guy, but…

Private, Confidential Executive Coaching

This work is just you and me. One on one. It’s online via a video conferencing platform. Every engagement is tailored to fit the client’s needs. Call me at (214) 682-2467 and we’ll talk. Mostly I’ll listen and ask questions. We’ll figure out if what I do, how I do it, and who I am, fit your needs.

If you’re looking for somebody who thinks they’ve got all the answers, I’m not your guy. It’s your life and your organization. You likely already have the answers, even if they’re buried underneath all the stuff that makes up your daily grind. Questions provoke deeper insights. This is about YOU and your higher human performance. My role is to help you speed up the process so growth, improvement, and transformation can happen. Effective coaching is a judgment-free zone focused on confidentiality, respect, understanding and helping clients figure out for themselves how to achieve more.

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Customized Training Workshops

Candid Communication

A “tailored for you” workshop designed to help leaders and executives say what they mean and mean what they say. Get rid of ambiguity. Stop avoiding difficult conversations. Serve your team members with clarity so they fully understand what you expect and how to deliver the results you want. Many organizations lack the candor necessary for top performance. Don’t let your organization be one of them.

Evidence-Based Leadership

Leaders, especially top leaders, can find improved productivity (and quality of life) by embracing an evidence-based strategy. Stop letting rumors, myths, and nonsense rule your work. Improve decision making, problem-solving and personal interactions by relying on evidence that leads to truth. This half-day workshop is especially helpful for leaders of departments, divisions or entire organizations.

Where Do I Fit? Giving People A Story

Leaders must give their team members a story – a story of how and where they fit. Everybody wants to know how their work matters. Do your people know that? Do they know how their work impacts the rest of the organization? Do they know why their work matters? If you don’t tell them the story, they’ll write their own. And the story they craft won’t be nearly as good, or accurate as the one you can give them. This half-day workshop is designed to serve leaders no matter how many direct reports they have, or the size of their team.

CEO Coaching

Bula Network is about one singular pursuit – higher human performance. Specifically, it’s about YOUR higher human performance. But it’s also about the higher performance of your team, group, or organization. The main objective is to help you create and maintain a high performing culture.

It’s about growing your business – revenues and profits. It’s about growing your leadership and ability to manage the work in your company. It’s about your life. All of you, the complete humanity that is YOU.

The methodology is proven and sound – the work is about hitting the trifecta of successful business building:

getting new customers, serving existing customers better and not going crazy in the process Here’s how the business world refers to these:

  • Business Development / Marketing / Sales / Referrals
  • Management / Leadership / Operations
  • Systems / Processes / Work Flow / Mental & Emotional Health (balance)

This is the progression of the work. The foundation is humility, without which no progress is made. The “smartest guy in the room” can’t improve or grow because he already has all the answers. He lacks curiosity, which stymies his ability to gain more knowledge…which, in turn, restricts understanding. That’s why he enters the room without any compassion. Such folks – men or women – fail to perform at the high levels possible. The good news is people who lack humility don’t call me! 😉 The bad news is, all of us have to continue to work on the foundation of our progress, our own humility.

I’m fanatical about:

– Servant leadership
– Efficient and effective processes
– Extraordinary customer experiences
– Building solid customer bases with consistent referrals
– Growth, learning, and constant improvement

Always be honest, be competent, give more and make it right.
my business philosophy

Connect With Me

  1. Connect with me on Twitter (@RandyCantrell)
  2. Check out the Bula Network Facebook page
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  4. Email me using the Contact page
  5. Call me 24/7/365: (214) 736-4406

NOTE: All coaching is confidential. Stories include fictionalized accounts of real-world incidents in order to maintain the security of confidential engagements.

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