Rebranding The Podcast: Will You Help Me?

How should I rebrand the podcast?

I need your help.

It’s past time for me to rebrand and refocus the podcast. What started out as mostly a legacy project (I began recording things I wanted to pass onto my grown children…and my grandchildren). It was mostly business oriented with a smattering of self-improvement stuff. Sprinkled in have been some personal things (like the last episode). But after 5 years or more, it’s now time to take a quantum leap. I can’t do that without your help.

I’ll prime the pump with just 3 business subjects that have a bit more narrow focus:

  • Leadership & Management (we lead people, we manage the work)
  • Solving Business Problems (workflow, processes, efficiency and growth)
  • Content & New Media Marketing For Service Professionals (doctors, attorneys, financial advisors, dentists, CPA’s, etc.)

These are NOT suggestions. I just listed them to get your brain juices flowing! Please give me your own feedback. And remember, I’m podcasting (again) over at where I can go more off-topic from the things I talk about here. My goal is to be more narrowly focused here, and to paint with a broader brush over at LTW.

Will you help me by completing this short survey? 

None of the fields is required, but I’d love for you to complete them all. Thank you for helping me out.


Help Me Rebrand & Refocus The Podcast

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