Special Episode – Help Me Navigate A Crazy Intersection (Happy Birthday To My Wife, Too)

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I’m approaching this crazy intersection.

My GPS is working fine, but it’s useless. Why? Because I’m not sure where I need to go. You can help me determine the direction because this endeavor is about helping YOU.

Oh, and by the way, today is my wife’s birthday. Her name is Rhonda and you’ll find her website at Doll Dresses By Rhonda or RhondaCantrell.com. She sews.

My work continues at Leaning Toward Wisdom where I’m aiming to serve public education, but here at BulaNetwork.com – I’m coming up on this crazy intersection. I’m asking you for directions. I hope you’ll help me out and not treat me like Clark Grisold lost in the hood.

Today’s special episode is a short birthday message to my wife, but mainly it’s a request for your feedback and help regarding which way to take this blog and podcast.

Here’s a collection of the four roads representing the directions I can take to better serve you. You may even have one not listed here. That’s okay.

1. Life/Personal Development coaching

2. Business coaching

3. New Media coaching

4. Communication coaching

I can take this in whatever direction best serves you guys. This blog and podcast has been a mixture of three things: business coaching, personal development and social commentary. How can I give you more value? How can I better serve your needs?

One idea I’ve been toying with is to set up my blog and podcasts with those four categories (or whatever categories you feel would be most helpful). That way I could limit each post or podcast or video to one of those categories. Otherwise, it would turn into a mash of different stuff and void the whole reason for setting up these categories. You could more easily focus only on the things that interest you. What do you think of that idea?

I’m not all things to all people. I may not be your cup of tea and I’m cool with that. But, if I am your cup of tea – I need your help.

Things mentioned in today’s show:

Rhonda Cantrell, my wife, sews custom made doll dresses, primarily for Himstedt dolls
Daddy bloggers and podcasters Daniel Clark and C.C. Chapman
• Heather Armstrong is Dooce.com, Queen of the mommy bloggers (but you knew that already)
Tom Peters, king of the massive slide deck

Leave a comment below.

Send me an email.

Leave me a voice mail at (214) 736-4406.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for giving me your feedback. I’ll be back next Thursday, but first…it’s birthday party time!


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  • RandyCantrell Jun 13, 2011 @ 10:11

    Thanks for the emails and voice mails. Clearly, folks around here do not like to comment. Weird, but who am I to question it. I’m not much of a commenter myself.

  • RandyCantrell Jun 13, 2011 @ 15:25

    It’s been suggested that I add one more category, Leadership. That would give the blog a total of 5 categories:

    1. Life/Personal Development 2. Business 3. New Media 4. Communication 5. Leadership

    What do you think of those suggestions? If I make these changes I’ll try to categorize each post with just one, the one that primarily sums up the content. That way, you can more easily check out the posts you care about.

  • hillers54 Jun 14, 2011 @ 14:13

    Hi Randy

    Thought that I’d come over and try out one of those weird comment things… no. it’ll never catch on. LOL

    See you’ve gone for Livefyre fortunately I’ve already registered.

    For my part all I want you to do is keep talking.

    All the best Randy.


    Sorry, where are my manners… Happy birthday Mrs C.

    Hope Randy treats you to a great meal and buys you a super present.

  • RandyCantrell Jun 14, 2011 @ 14:25

    @hillers54 I’ve commented more in the past weeks than the sum total of my entire life. So much for the power of lurking. Happy to have you visit. Rhonda’s birthday went swimmingly…except for getting older. 😉 Thanks, Keith.

  • hillers54 Jun 14, 2011 @ 14:32

    @RandyCantrell You have done a brilliant job on the comments Randy and I hope a few people have been directed in your direction.

    As for getting older… can’t help there.

  • CoachNotesBlog Jun 15, 2011 @ 17:59

    @RandyCantrell Hi Randy,

    I tried to comment on a video about a week ago (or was that 2 weeks). I kept getting tangled up in LiveFyre. It wanted me to register (I have a great dislike for registering to comment), then because it was you, I tried to register. I don’t remember which post, neither do I know if I am registered. I’ll bet you had lots of visitors come over from easyP. BUT … if they had the challenge I had, they might give up. (And I don’t mind a challenge, being techie and all!)

    Anyway . . . whichever you go with your blog, I’ll come check you out. I’ve seen great stuff around here and plan to direct folk your way! Happy Birthday to your wife (and many, many more)!

  • RandyCantrell Jun 16, 2011 @ 7:28

    @CoachNotesBlog I’m sorry you had trouble, but thank you for visiting and going to all the trouble.

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