Success Examples

Growth Strategies

  • Increased revenue by over 4X with improved sales processes across all categories (software sales, annual maintenance and support) while increasing unit sales
  • Identified $3M opportunity with legacy clients for software company
  • Created a new sales performance measurement to elevate performance through improved conversion rate, higher average ticket, increased items per sale and reduced returns for a retailing company
  • Developed and implemented digital media strategy for a financial services company
  • Restructured bonus program to properly incentivize extraordinary client experience for software company
  • Devised a business model for a legal services startup and developed a referral program to create multiple sources of lead generation
  • Created educational content marketing strategy to attract new clients for financial services firm
  • Designed and launched website and digital presence for local non-profit
  • Grew revenues over 60% by targeting just 1.15% of market, increased inventory turns over 70%, improved gross margins by over 30% and more than tripled net profits
  • Improved profit margins more than 30% by restructuring major home appliance business
  • Implemented guaranteed 4-hour delivery to customers
  • Created annual private letter sale resulting in $250K + of retail sales in a single evening

Operation Efficiencies

  • Improved inventory turns by over 70% through an improved inventory management system for a retail company
  • Increased monthly maintenance fees more than 40% for software company through improved collection process
  • Re-engineered sales process, including new comprehensive proposal re-design and online demo experience for software company
  • Created easy-to-execute weekly process for legal firm to create educational videos on YouTube using Google Hang Out On Air
  • Built efficient weekly process for financial services firm to create twice-weekly audio podcast (got the podcast listed in Apple iTunes and Stitcher Radio, two prominent podcast directories)
  • Increased cash flow by more than 300% through restructured purchasing and inventory management
  • Reduced the cost of defective inventory by more than 40% and improved the speed of return/repair by more than 30%
  • Improved response time by 75% to special order requests


  • Developed a new sales compensation program designed to reward improved customer happiness and higher employee retention in retail company
  • Architected plan to transition management of business from father to son in retail company
  • Devised project management role (and other support functions) for software company
  • Retention of sales staff consistently 10X industry average annually
  • Coached CEO in conducting more effective staff meetings with clearer directives and higher accountability
  • Coached CFO in mentoring direct reports with improved feedback and accountability
  • Coached attorney to develop workflows and processes that would reduce work hours by 15%
  • Coached GM in having more effective “difficult” conversations for improved accountability
  • Coached VP in reputation management, both up and down the chain
  • Coached CEO in methods of improving work/life balance
  • Coached CEO in ways to create a more innovative culture for improved talent retention
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