Two Things That Make Us Who We Are

“For as he thinketh within himself, so is he,” says Proverbs 23:7. Some misconstrue the meaning. Most famous among them, Napoleon Hill who penned “Think And Grow Rich.” Yes, folks can become rich by first thinking about becoming rich, but don’t we know of many folks who think of little else – and they’re poor as can be? If we only had to sit around and think of being rich, then wouldn’t we all be rich?

That’s not to say the proverb is untrue. Generally speaking, a proverb is true. Yes, there may be exceptions. We see it in the person full of self-doubt, fear and reluctance – but still they achieve things others only dream of. Typically, people who become high achievers are people who have a strong belief in their own capacity to achieve.

Does it mean we can do anything we set our minds to? Hardly. Like it or not, we have limitations.

There are two things that help construct who we are, and what we are. In today’s show I discuss these two things.

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