Why Today Is The Day To Stop Sucking

At some point sucking provides no comfort

How do you know you’re sucking at something?

Because there’s no progress. You’re not moving forward and you know it. You may not know why, but that’s not important. Not right now.

Right now, you just need to embrace the truth – the honest reality – that you’re not going anywhere with what you’re doing.

This ain’t workin’

Have you said that to yourself? Then what you’re doing sucks. It’s not working and you know it.

Deep down inside. You really know something needs to change.

You just struggle to figure out what it is.

Well, today, the sucking stops.

Today, you embrace the fact that what you’re doing – what you’ve been doing – isn’t working.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been failing for a long time, or just a few days. Today it stops.

Why today?

Why not?


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