Episode 147 – Brand New Marketing Strategy Stupidity: Idea Extraction

You don’t get to be old bein’ no fool…

That was a line uttered by a Richard Pryor character. It’s not entirely accurate, but it should be. More often than not.

Age should bring about greater wisdom. And experience.

It’s on my mind for at least a few reasons:

1. I’m old. Well, actually, I’m only 55, but that’s much older than most who are podcasting, blogging and producing online content. It’s not older than most business owners though. I know people think the majority of “entrepreneurs” are in their 20’s, but that’s not true. According to the SBA, small business ownership is a quest of more mature people. In fact, look closely and you’ll see a decline in business ownership by younger people. I also remember reading a US Census some years ago (it’s now a decade old) stating that 1 in 3 businesses was owned by a person over 55. Eleven percent were owned by people over 65. I suspect those numbers are now higher!

2. That niche I’ve been looking for is found. I woke up one day (some months ago) and realized, “It’s me!” Mature people. Marc Freedman and Marci Alboher call it an encore career. Those of us who have spent a lifetime in one (or more) endeavor and now we’re looking for our “encore” endeavor. It’s a group that is no stranger to me so I’ve got some plans underway to serve this community.

No, that doesn’t mean if you’re younger that I no longer care about you. If anything, I care more than ever before about the younger people because I think I have something to offer you. Maybe it’s only perspective, but that can be critically important…to all of us. Who doesn’t need an improved, insightful perspective?

Besides, I’m fond of younger people and their outlook on life. Many younger people have a much better perspective of their lives than I had at their age. My peers and I were busy clamoring for financial success. We often sacrificed quality of life because it was a different time and we didn’t have the Internet, which is the primary game-changing tool for today’s income earners! I think these are very exciting times for young and old alike.

3. As I hear modern marketing gurus hold forth I realize that the lessons old heads taught me 40 years ago were old when I learned them. Science changes. Technology changes. People, however, are still very much as they’ve always been, albeit, they are more connected, aware and informed. The psychology of marketing is more quantified than ever before and I suspect that will continue, but we’re all still moved by the things that have always moved us. We’re moved to think, to shop, to buy and to act by very common (and ancient) drivers. The old direct-marketing copywriters of the 1940’s knew it as well as any modern marketing guru. People still point to the genius of P.T. Barnum.

Everything old is new again.

Let me introduce you to a phrase that I began hearing quite a lot a few months ago, “idea extraction.”

It’s brand new. It’s bold. It’s ingenious. And for a few thousand bucks you can learn it.

Or suffer the financial doom sure to come your way if you fail to learn it.

Yes, that’s sarcasm dripping from my lips. Give today’s show a fighting chance and let me enlighten you. Or maybe I can entertain you. Who knows? I might even make you angry. That’s okay. Go ahead. Click play.

Taking unfair advantage of people is so commonplace that sometimes ethical people are tempted to use predatory language and tactics. I’m opposed to it. Period. Rather, I think we must help, teach and share.

Age and experience, coupled with life-long learning can prevent any of us from being a fool. I do not consider myself a fool. I don’t consider you one either!

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