Episode 150 – Like Good Music, Your Marketing Message Needs Good Timing

Like good music, your message needs good timing.

We’ve all experienced it. Standing around in a conversation circle we say something…making what we think is a meaningful contribution to the conversation. Nobody reacts, but the conversation continues. Minutes later, somebody else says the same thing we said earlier. Now, people respond. And we think, “Wait a minute, I just said that.”

What is going on?

It could be the conversation circle doesn’t like us, or want to listen to us. But more likely, it’s just that people didn’t really hear us when we said it. It may have nothing to do with us, but it may have everything to do with when it’s said. Our timing may have been off.

Today, let’s go with this definition of timing provided by Merriam-Webster:

the ability to select the precise moment for doing something for optimum effect

Timing – the beat – can help create a hit song. It can also help your message resonate with prospects. That’s the subject of today’s show.

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