3 Components of Leadership: Vision, Recognition & Communication

There are many aspects of leadership. Today’s videocast focuses on just three: vision, recognition and communication.

In my work helping people become more effective leaders, I’m often challenged to provide tools and processes that will enable leaders to improve accountability of team members. Just about every organization cries out, “We need stronger accountability of our team members.” Unfortunately, people mostly mean they have weaknesses that need to be addressed. We tend to focus on the negative, but today I want to offer you a bit of a counterpoint.

Leadership can make or break the success of a team, a company or an organization. Winning requires players or team members who are good at what they do…sometimes, great! The most skillful leader will fail if people aren’t skilled, competent and capable. On the other hand, the most elite performers can be ruined by ineffective or inadequate leadership.

Like an orchestra where every player has a role, it’s important that the conductor and the players all know their part and perform it proficiently.


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