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Think You Can Grow Your Business Quicker By Yourself?

The World’s Best Opportunity For Entrepreneurs To Grow

Now Accepting Applications For Charter Membership

Connect, Share And Scale Your Business Faster

We focus on the trifecta of business building: 

  • Getting new customers
  • Serving existing customers better
  • Not going crazy in the process

Every business owner understands that hitting this trifecta is urgent because there’s another trifecta we care about:

  • saving time
  • having good health
  • making more money

Are you ready to discover the best business-building strategies working today? Are you ready to future-proof your company?
Are you ready to eliminate your blind spots?
Are you ready to accelerate your revenues and profits?

This is a “by invitation only” group of SMB owners from around the U.S.

Each group will consist of just 7 experienced SMB business owners who generate at least $3 million annually. Members will be from all industries and varying revenues.

Putting pressure on the truth changes everything.

Entrepreneurs wrestle with a variety of real-life problems:

  • Cash flow
  • Sales slumps
  • Not enough hours in the day
  • Not enough competent people to help
  • Decreasing profit margins
  • Increasing costs
  • Too many unhappy customers
  • Family dynamics
  • Broken systems or non-existent processes
  • Uninspired employees

Frustration, loneliness, fear, and dread are too frequently daily emotions. They all contribute to our feeling like we’re going crazy…all in the quest to own, operate and grow our own business.

Don’t You Want To Be Around People Who Can Help You Grow Great?

Now Accepting Applications For Charter Membership

The Details. Nothing Hidden. No Fine Print. 


It’s a business building group comprised of SMB business owners determined to grow their businesses.

2 Live Mastermind Video Conference Calls Each Month

Seven owners per group will meet on a live video conferencing call (hard start time and a hard stop time) to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities with the group. This board of advisors will serve to ensure that every member is better equipped to make better decisions. Randy will facilitate each group.

One-On-One Monthly Coaching With Randy

These one-hour sessions are designed to serve each individual member with whatever specific support they need. Sometimes a private, individual session can help clarify the next steps. These are conducted live via video conferencing.

Professional Development & Learning

Lifelong learning is a common denominator in every business owner who seizes The Peer Advantage by Bula Network. We’ll provide learning and insights on the hottest topics requested by the members. These are in addition to our meetings and will be available “on-demand,” giving members the convenience required for your busy schedule.

Email & Other Continuous Support

We’ll stay connected using email, Slack channels or whatever platforms members prefer. Consistent, ongoing contact, collaboration, and support is an important component to ensure that every member achieves their individual goals.

The Ideal Candidate

• Owners of businesses generating at least $3 million annually

Owners not offended by being called “operators” – owners who are close to the work and even closer to their employees and customers

• People willing to be human – people willing to share their experiences and expertise

• Smart, curious people anxious to learn – this is no place for know-it-alls

• Great listeners, great talkers – you must be willing to share and willing to foster that in others

• Hungry to grow, get unstuck and reach new heights of success/achievement – competitive and anxious to build more thriving businesses, more effective leadership and more fulfilled lives

• Fearless of accountability (and hard work) – this isn’t for dreamers; it’s for doers

• Committed to being among the highest achieving business leaders on the planet

Randy is currently conducting interviews to assemble the most effective group possible. Size and revenue considerations are just part of it. Don’t let your smallness or your largeness prevent us from talking.

Quick Start Summary

You can submit your application in mere minutes. Click the “Apply Now” button. We use these details to provide context for our phone call and to ensure the quality construction of the group. The information you provide is completely confidential. Completing the application only obligates you to have a phone conversation with Randy so your questions are answered and so we can learn more about one another.

The Bottom Line Investment

  • 2 hours every other week (hard start/hard stop) – 4 hours a month
  • Virtual meetings online via mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet  (convenience is key)
  • On-demand digital learning/workshops/webinars (driven by members’ curiosity)
  • A monthly hour-long 1-on-1 coaching session online with Randy
    (Additional sessions are available to members at a greatly reduced price)
  • Ongoing connection and support
  • $ 1,299 one-time enrollment fee (non-refundable)
  • $ 899 monthly membership subscription**100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Price Protection for charter members (membership subscription will never increase based on continuous membership)

**100% Money Back Guarantee – if you’re unhappy at any point during the first 90 days you can get a full refund on the membership subscription

This is how every group will roll

Who You Surround Yourself With Matters

Now Accepting Applications For Charter Membership