Bula Network Owners’ Alliance: Week 2 Of The Process #4051

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Bula Network Owners' Alliance: Week 2 Of The Process #4051 - GROW GREAT (a Bula Network podcast)

I refer to this video in today’s show. It’s an important lesson.

Week 2 went about as planned. Here are the highlights:

• I’m using Linkedin to reach prospect either by requesting connection, with an explanation of why (I’m not using bait ‘n switch – I’m completely candid with them about why I’m trying to connect), or I’m using Linkedin to reach out to existing connections

• I’m using email some (I plan on increasing this in week 3).

• My goal is to have phone conversations with 10% of the people I contact or connect with. So if I can reach 20 or 30 people electronically, I want to have at least 2 or 3 phone conversations.

• I’m not selling. At all. At any point. People are going to want in, or they’re not. Either way is fine.

Stay tuned for week 3.

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About the author: Randy Cantrell is the founder of Bula Network, LLC – an executive leadership advisory company helping leaders leverage the power of others through peer advantage, online peer advisory groups. Interested in joining us? Visit ThePeerAdvantage.com