202 – The Top 3 Excuses For Not Using Content Marketing

What’s your excuse for not spreading valuable information to your target market?

Companies, organizations and small businesses all have the same excuses for failing to incorporate content marketing strategies into their plans. It’s 2014, people. It’s time to wake up and figure things out.

Today’s show is a closer examination of the real-world excuses I’ve heard through the years as I’ve attempted to convince business owners that content marketing must be part of their plans. Not future plans. CURRENT plans.

There’s nothing scientific about my list, but it’s highly accurate based on my experience and conversations.

3. “I don’t know how to do it.”

2. “It takes too much time.”
(Tied with, “It takes too long to get results.”)

1. “It’s not worth it.”
(Tied with, “I don’t get it.”)

What’s your excuse? What excuses do you hear?


P.S. DropVox is the resource I talk about in today’s show.