Episode 106 – Some Favorite New Media Consumed By The Yellow Studio (And My New MediaPreneurship)

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Let's Run Fast And Jump

In the last episode I told you about the re-booting of Bula Network. Here we are in the first show since the re-boot. I feel like I’m running down this long dock ready to launch myself off the end into the biggest cannonball I can muster! Launching is fun.

But today’s show is about my consumption of new media. It’s part of the story about the new direction here. It likely represents the long dock of my life here inside The Yellow Studio.

About 6 years ago I fell in love with podcasts. I don’t remember the first shows I listened to, but I remember in the early days of online audio (before I even knew what RSS meant, or what it could do) being excited at the medium. I’m an audio guy though. A lifelong love affair with music landed me into audiophileland when I was still a teenager. My love of audio persists today in music and online broadcasting.

Mentioned in today’s show:

TotalFinder is an $18 program that every Mac owner should buy.
Episode 105 was the show about my rebooting BulaNetwork
TWIT is something I follow a little bit, but I’m not a rabid fan
Marketing Over Coffee podcast
Mixergy with Andrew Warner is one of my favorites
Gary Vaynerchuk, the epitome of high energy
DishyMix with Susan Bratton
Freakonomics podcast
• Cliff Ravenscraft is the PodcastAnswerman.com

I’m looking forward to getting this party started. Thanks for joining me for the ride!


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