Episode 112 – Success Isn’t Binary Or Digital (It’s Not Even Numerical)

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Success Isn't Binary

Be a millionaire. What? You’re not already a millionaire? Loser.

All the cool kids are millionaires. They’ve had a killer IPO or acquisition. Banking millions.

That’s true success, achievement and mastery. If you’ve not yet pulled that off, then you’ve got a lot of work to do. Catch up. Get with the program.

Or not.

Truth is, most of us can live the life of our dreams (not the wildest variety perhaps, but still dreams) for $150,000 a year or less. Few of us will achieve millionaire status defined by having a net worth of $1M. Fewer still among us will achieve millionaire status by having liquid assets in excess of $1M. But the world is full of stories that compel us to think everybody is more successful than we are. The world loves to help us all feel like losers.

Suddenly, gratitude, thanksgiving and simply feeling good about our life are out the window. All because we’re drawn to compare ourselves to those at the top of the success pyramid. They have the success we want. They have the good life. By comparison, we’re a failure. We’re poor.

Hog wash! People with a more crude vocabulary will use two different words to describe it.

Today is my 34th wedding anniversary. Perhaps that has caused sober reflection on my life and driven me to a state of higher than normal (for me) gratitude. I hope you can learn something from it. I’m still learning.


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