Episode 131 – The Never Ending Quest For The AHA! Moment (Why Content Consumption Is Worthwhile)

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Don't we all crave the AHA! moment?

Days pass. Nothing profound. Same ol, same ol.

Still we read numerous blogs. We spend hours Googling a variety of interesting articles. Stroll over to YouTube and Vimeo and we watch a dozen videos. Cruise on over to iTunes where we download some podcasts for our daily workout.

Still nothing profound. No AHA! moment.

Until it all changes…and we experience what we were looking for all along. Well, we weren’t looking for that exact one, but still we found it. The needle in the haystack!

The AHA! Moment

If I could predict or create the AHA! moment…I’d be the wealthiest man on the planet. I’d surely be the world’s most interesting man.

Sadly, I’m neither. But I am a man in search of an epiphany. I think you are, too. We’re all searching for more AHA! moments. More epiphanies. Those moments feel so terrific when we experience them.

I’m going to tell you why all this “content creation” and “content consumption” is worthwhile, even if it’s not all greatness. Much of what we consume – maybe MOST of what we consume – is not life changing. Still we consume it.

We should. Click play and I’ll tell you why!

Mentioned in today’s show:

• The Radical Leap Re-Energized by Steve Farber (I read the 1st one, but I’ve not yet read this one)
• Daniel Clark of QAQN.com posted a funny message on Facebook that helps prove my point about content.

You guys are all opening my eyes about this episode… I don’t know if there was something in my water yesterday or what, but I think we need a do-over. Think Tank was not without a few flaws – many my own hangups (the ‘bikini’ discussion) – but if the overall impression you’re all getting is that we had a lousy time and Think Tank sucked… that’s not at all how I feel about it. If podcasters are allowed one train wreck of a show, this might be mine.

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Have a safe, happy Memorial Day Weekend.

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