Episode 132 – One May Be The Loneliest Number, But It Is Also The Most Magical Number

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Three Dog Night circa 1970 (give or take)

In 1969 Three Dog Night had a hit song written by Harry Nilsson, ONE.

It was the first song on their first album. Think about that because it’s important for today’s show.

We’re all chasing increased website traffic. We want a bigger audience. A larger market. More people.

Whether we’re writing a blog or selling a product, larger audiences trump smaller ones.

Just like more money is better than less money.

Being popular is better than being unknown.

An increase in audience brings with it a potential increase in sales, connections, joint venture opportunities, more dynamic relationships and a host of other benefits.

No, you’re not foolish to crave all these things…or to even chase them with all your might.

But, as the saying goes, “You gotta crawl before you can walk.”

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