Episode 136 – Businesses Must Take Better Aim If They Want An Improved Shot (You’ve Got To Answer Some Tough Questions About Yourself)

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Businesses have to take better aim if they want an improved shot.

Business building for the solopreneur or entrepreneur begins with answering some personal questions! If you’re going to have a business that hits the mark, then you must answer some tough questions about yourself. It’s all about you!

If it is to be, it’s up to me.

If the shooter looking through this scope is going to hit his target…he’s got to take responsibility for the shot. He’s holding the rifle. He’s taking the aim. He’s pulling the trigger. If he misses, he’s got only himself to blame.

You have to take responsibility for your business. No excuses!

Jack Welch was noted for this saying during his days with General Electric…

Control your own destiny or somebody else will.

Today’s show focuses on three steps you must go through so you can improve your aim in business. In your business.

I probably begin where you wouldn’t expect. It’s not a traditional approach to figuring out the most important things, but in my experience – it’s among the most profitable ways to start this process.

Step One – The Negative

What are the things you absolutely don’t want to do?
Who are the people you don’t want to associate with?
What are the things you’re unwilling to devote yourself to?
What are the identities you don’t want to assume? These are the things you don’t want to be.

Step Two – The Positive

What are the things you’ve been interested in for a long time?
Who do you most want to spend time with?
What are the things you are willing to devote yourself to?
Be specific. Very specific.

Step Three – The One Thing

Pick one (1) thing. Just one.
Right now, what do you most want to do?
Who do you most want to be?
What do you most want to be known for?
Soar with your strengths. Follow your natural aptitude.

You don’t have to be world-class, but you need to be competent.

It’s important that you avoid aiming at some things so you can improve your aim at one thing. Do you want to hit a business target or not? If so, you have to aim at only one thing. Else, you won’t hit anything!

Next time we’ll start making some application of these things to your business.

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