Episode 139 – The Power Of Less Wrap Up Show

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Rocky and Rosie, the Westies who guard The Yellow Studio

Let’s wrap up the 6 principles Leo Babauta used in his book, The Power of Less.

They are:

1. Set limitations.
2. Choose the essential.
3. Simplify.
4. Focus.
5. Create habits.
6. Start small.

It’s not a deep, dark dive into each one, but I want to provoke you to ponder. Pondering is good. We don’t do enough of it.

I’ve been doing a significant amount of it lately. In fact, I began earnestly pondering in the late spring of 2009. At first it ebbed and flowed. More ebbing I suspect.

In late 2011 my pondering picked up momentum. It probably had something to do with the advent of a new year. I’m not really sure.

Behind the scenes, right here in The Yellow Studio, I engaged in conversations, dialog, self-examination, notetaking, research, sketching and anything else I could do to find some clarity.

About a month ago I began scouring the bookshelves looking for a book worth re-reading. I do that often.

It was during that scouring that I saw Leo’s book, fetched it from a place where its likely sat for a few years and opened it up.



I don’t know.

You judge.

Also mentioned in today’s show is a book by Darren Hardy from Success Magazine, The Compound Effect.

Thank you for listening! Listen closely and you’ll understand why Rocky and Rosie are pictured in today’s show notes.


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