Episode 142 – The Power Of Dread (And A Yellow Fly Swatter)

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It strikes us when we look at our phone to see a person who whips us.

It hits when an email arrives with the subject line, “Past Due.”

Dread can be major, life changing stuff. It can be a very minor daily beating we seem destined to endure.

That’s the power of dread? No. Well, it is a power, but it’s not the power I’m talking about.

I think dread can serve us. It can help us. It can make us better.

Listen to the show and I’ll explain the power of a yellow fly swatter!

We have to do some hard work to let dread work for us. It won’t just happen automatically.

It won’t be easy. But it will be very worthwhile. I promise!

About the author: Randy Cantrell is the founder of Bula Network, LLC – an executive leadership advisory company helping leaders leverage the power of others through peer advantage, online peer advisory groups. Interested in joining us? Visit ThePeerAdvantage.com