Episode 143 – Tons Of Pain Without A Chance Of Gain

When I began to hit the gym – regularly – about 7 years ago, I heard and read the phrase alot, “No pain, no gain.” An even better phrase was, “Pain is the weakness leaving your body.”

We want to lose weight. And we want it to be easy. And fast.

We want to launch a business. And we want it to be easy. And fast.

Easy and fast.

It’s how we want our food, entertainment, education and whatever else we’re clamoring after.

Just because somebody somewhere experienced success easy and fast doesn’t mean it’s a model we can replicate. We love outlier stories though. They’re fascinating. They fuel our imaginations where we’re at the center of that story.

Lotteries employ that story in their marketing. Plop down a few bucks for a chance (slim and none) to win millions! Your life could change tonight, when you watch the local news and they announce those winning numbers. It could be YOU. It’s got to be somebody…why not you?

Because statistically it’s highly improbable.

Start a business. As long as you’re passionate about it, you can make it. Others do. Others have. Why not you?

Because statistically it’s highly improbable.

Today’s show is only a cautionary story, not one designed to get you to never take a chance. I just want to encourage you to take some smarter chances. Be wise. Avoid foolish failure. The world needs you to succeed.

I’m irked at those who prey on people who lack knowledge. That’s why I hit record today.

I love this saying, mostly because it’s so true:

“Everything is hard until it’s easy.”

Thank you for listening,

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