Episode 180 – Avoid Embarrassment. Do Nothing!

Avoid embarrassment. Don’t do anything.

I heard a new phrase the other day.

Social Embarrassment

I had never heard that before. I’m supposing it needs capitalization, but I’m not sure.

Lately, I’ve been chasing people to get things done. To take action. Yes, it’s a common problem, but when I stumbled onto the notion that people sometimes don’t take action for fear of “social embarrassment” I just had to sit down inside The Yellow Studio and fire up the Aphex 230’s and the microphones. Okay, they’re always fired up. I never turn them off.

I’m sure there’s a lesson there somewhere.

Mentioned in today’s show:

Dan Moran founded Sound Warehouse
Mark Sanchez, New York Jets, is butt-tackled
Presidential gaffes
A guy left me a not-so-kind review at iTunes, but I wasn’t embarrassed by it
• ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss with Chris Powell
• Alyssa was the 22-year old girl who weighed in at 414 pounds on last night’s show
Mormon missionaries dominate a basketball game
• I love Matchbox cars. Always have.
• I’ll be your free accountability partner. Just email me.

Now, go do something!


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