Episode 183 – Are You Stuck? Maybe You Need A Professional Business Plunger!

plungerIs your toilet clogged? Or maybe a sink?

Hey, it happens. Drains get clogged and we’re suddenly stuck.

I’m not a professional (or even an amateur) plumber, but I am a professional plunger! For business owners.

Being stuck is a universal problem. It happens to everybody…sometimes.

Business problems are like most problems. They vary. Sometimes we’re really seriously stuck and nothing short of sharp-shooter professional help will get us unstuck. Sometimes it’s less serious and we can grab the nearest can of Drain-O or Liquid Plumber and presto! Problem solved.

Here’s the reality of getting unstuck. We have to shake things up. We have to do something differently. We usually have to insert some force.

When our plumbing is stuck – clogged up – we have to exert force via a plunger or a chemical or a Roto-Rooter man.

Force it.

Not in an unsafe way. Don’t go to your garage and grab the first container that says, “ACID.” I’ve known people who did that with horrible results. They just made the problem worse. Bad move.

Most of us naturally do the same thing with a plumbing clog. We grab a plunger. Or we go buy a can of a chemical drain unclogger! We know that running more water into an already clogged sink won’t likely help it drain. We know we have to remove that clog and we know that’s going to take using some new force.

Your business clog isn’t much different. Drastic action is often needed. That doesn’t mean you get dynamite and blow things up, but it does mean you need some element of force. That’s what today’s show is all about.

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