Episode 86 – Really Simple Stuff About Business Building: Don’t Try To Church It Up!

Watch this short video clip from the movie, Joe Dirt. Then listen to today’s show.

Business building is part art, part determination (a big part) and part plan (think systems).

I consistently encounter business people who have veered away from the foundational elements of business building. Maybe they never learned them. Or maybe they forgot them. It happens. Been there, done that.

Questions are the vehicle for clearer thinking. First year journalism students learn the best questions to ask. They form the basis for every good news story. Even feature writers know how important these questions are because every good story answers these questions. They also form a solid basis upon which to build – or revamp – your business.

While the order may not matter I think it’s important to start with, “WHY?”

None of these questions is particularly difficult, but any one of them (or more) can stump us. Devote some time and mental energy to the process of answering these questions. The time you spend up front will return rewards to you time, and time, and time again. The process will also help you develop habits of staying on course with simplicity that can propel your business forward while everybody else is spinning their wheels over-thinking stuff that doesn’t matter.

Clarity and simplicity are your allies. Treat them right. Favor them. Your business will benefit.

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