Episode 87 – Are You A Character Who Wants Something?

I keep lots of notebooks. It’s a lifelong habit. An addiction even.

Above is a picture of a few I recently dug out to re-read. I know people who write notes, but never look at them. What’s the point in that?

Moleskine, Field Notes and Reporter’s Notebooks are all around me. And I regularly look at some of them. Collectively they form a bit of a timeline for my life.

A few days ago I broke out the 5 Field Notes you see in the picture. As I flipped through the pages one particular page caught my attention. It caught my attention because the word STORY was written with a box drawn around it, followed by three question marks.

Story telling is an art. I don’t profess to have it down cold. I have studied it for many years though. It began in junior high, followed me through high school and on into college where I studied journalism.

Books on crafting stories are all around me. Some are covered in dust from years of being on my shelf. Copyright dates from the 1960’s or earlier are on some of them. Even if you’re not interested in writing or speaking, I’d encourage you to read books on crafting and telling stories. It’s the stuff of life. Stories make it all interesting.

It’s ironic how many people I know who want a nice lake house where they can sit idly and just relax. They want tranquility, peace, quiet. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t make for a very good story. Boring. Dull. Hardly exciting.

What about your life? Look closely at what I wrote below STORY – “Will Randy get his life together?

It’s not likely a question you care about, but I do. To make it more interesting, let’s make it person. Insert your name in place of mine!

Will YOU get your life together?

That might be an interesting story…especially if you’re a character who wants something interesting?

One thing I want is the easy pronunciation of remuneration. Enjoy a laugh at my expense. Just listen and you’ll understand. You’ll also see that part of my story is not hiding or faking it. I’m Popeye – “I am what I am.”

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