Episode 95 – Cookouts, BBQ’s, Liquid Propane and Charcoal (A Cast Iron Argument Against Stainless Steel)

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The Yellow Studio went down about a week ago. The culprit? Mac OS Lion update! No, it wasn’t Apple’s fault, but I did learn my lesson. Don’t be among the first to upgrade your OS…especially when you have hardware that might be adversely affected. Live and learn.

I’ll explain my brief absence lately and we’ll get onto some more appetizing conversation.

Thanks for hanging with me. By the way, if we’re not connected (or encircled) at Google + let’s make it happen. You can find me here.

Mentioned in today’s show:
My YouTube channel
My BulaNetwork Facebook page
Hibachi cast iron grille
Thermador outdoor grille (don’t think they make them any more…and I probably know why)
Weber outdoor grille
Darien, Illinois Sportplex
Swamp People, the TV show
Swamp Loggers, the TV show

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