Everybody Needs A Helping Hand – Grow Great Daily Brief #91 – October 26, 2018

Everybody Needs A Helping Hand – Grow Great Daily Brief #91 – October 26, 2018

Everybody Needs A Helping Hand – Grow Great Daily Brief #91 – October 26, 2018

Are you an American entrepreneur operating a business that generates at least $3M annually AND you intuitively know how valuable other people can be your growth and success?

Are you optimistic and driven to put in the work to make your ambitions come true?

Then I’m going to invite you to apply for membership into The Peer Advantage by Bula Network. The Peer Advantage by Bula Network is a peer-to-peer group of 7 American entrepreneurs willing to come together via an online video conferencing platform twice a month (every other week) to help each other grow, seize opportunities, effectively handle issues and overcome adversity. I’m personally going to facilitate the meetings, but our group will belong to all of us. The purpose is for every member to benefit by our collective wisdom, know-how and sharing. The group won’t make your decisions for you, but instead will help you think through your options so you can make better decisions for yourself.

The group will meet for 2 hours every other week. Membership is intended to be long-term because relationships like these become more valuable over time. The ROI increases as we all get to know one another better, and as we grow to trust each other. In fact, the group is going to become a priceless resource for every member as we surround ourselves with other entrepreneurs willing to share their experiences and perspectives. That will provide each member of The Peer Advantage by Bula Network to consider other perspectives. 

No judgment. Nobody telling you what you “should” do. Nobody who is beholden to you for their job, or for any reason other than the desire to help you succeed, knowing that you’re going to do the same thing for them. It’s about our mutual pursuit to grow our leadership, our businesses, and our lives. 

You can find all the details at ThePeerAdvantage.com, but I want to encourage you to go visit  BulaNetwork.com/apply – that’ll take you directly to a Google form that won’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Fill out that form and we’ll arrange a time to get on the phone together to discuss this opportunity. 

Everybody needs a helping hand. 

Sometimes we need help to climb to a higher altitude. Other times we need somebody to help us get back on our feet. Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs is not about networking, or showing off. It’s about us helping each other take our careers, our businesses and our lives to a future of our own choosing. So permit me to dispell some myths people often have – people who have never experienced the extraordinary benefit of joining forces with other business owners. 

Networking is great, but that’s not what this is.

We network to meet other people. To expand our sphere of connections. There’s great benefit to expanding our contacts. Even more value when we get to know our contacts well enough to vouch for them and their work. And where they know us enough to vouch for us and our work. Most of us could improve our ability to do this. I know I could. 

But The Peer Advantage by Bula Network isn’t about networking. 

Advice givers can be great when we want it, but that’s not the focal point of this.

You bring up a problem or an opportunity to a friend or family member. As soon as you finish describing the problem they quickly have an opinion. One they’re willing to share. In fact, they may lack the restraint to share how they feel about it. Along with pointed suggestions on what you should do. 

One of my pet peeves is the salesperson – or in this example, the friend or family member – who has all the answers, but no questions. Some sales rep would get an appointment with me, sit down across from me and proceed to pitch me with what I need. Many would even tell me what I needed. I’m a polite guy and I’m fond of sales. I don’t happen to think selling is a dirty profession. I think it’s honorable, but there are dishonorable ways to go about it. Like sitting down in front of somebody – or getting them on the phone – and proceeding to tell them what they need, or what they ought to do, when you have no clue about them, or their business. 

The Peer Advantage by Bula Network isn’t about a bunch of people sitting around judging each other, second-guessing each other and telling each other what they should do. 

Answers are more powerful than questions. The BIG myth.

Questions are where the power is. They help us gain clarity. They help us distill what we’re thinking and feeling. Simply put, questions help us become better thinkers. And by becoming better thinkers we can become better doers!

Everybody needs a helping hand from people courageous enough, and humble enough, to ask us questions to help us understand what we want to accomplish. 

There are too many myths to address in a short podcast. But I hope you can clearly see this isn’t some sit-around-and-complain group, or some you-do-business-with-me, and-I’ll-do-business-with-you group. It’s not about people throwing rocks are what you want to do because our power as entrepreneurs is to do things our own way. Our ambitions change. Twenty years ago I wanted very different things than I want today. There wasn’t anything wrong with what I wanted 20 years ago. There’s nothing wrong with what I want today. They’re just different because my life – just like your life – has changed. Our lives, our entrepreneurship and our businesses are constantly changing. We need people willing and able to help us through those changes. 

I’m currently interviewing prospective members. I’d be honored to include YOU. Just go to BulaNetwork.com/apply and take a few minutes to complete that survey. I’ll reach out to you and we’ll book a phone call where together we can decide if this is the right opportunity for you. 

Have a great weekend!

Be well. Do good. Grow great!

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