How To Succeed In Business By Really, REALLY Trying


This is a continuation of the last show, How To Succeed In Business By REALLY Trying.

The one-hit wonder defines a career. The sophomore slump doesn’t necessarily define a career, but it might. It depends on what happens in the years that follow.

We dream, we work and we prepare for an opportunity. Waiting for the door to crack open – even if only slightly – we hope for a chance.

Knowing what to do with an opportunity is an important component in how to succeed in business by really, REALLY trying.

Today’s show is all about the process – embracing it, enduring it and finding ways to even enjoy it. Rejection, failure and disappointment are part of it. The process is incomplete without them.

Mentioned in today’s show:

Willis Alan Ramsey
Muskrat Love performed by America, written by Willis Alan Ramsey
Ballard of Spider John performed by Jimmy Buffett, written by Willis Alan Ramsey
Robin Williams successfully morphed from mere comedian to serious dramatic actor
Steve Martin successfully morphed from standup comic to actor to author and all the while he was an accomplished musician. He’s just released a new record with The Steep Canyon Rangers.

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