Show and Tell 1 – You Got Questions?

I got answers…kinda, sorta.

I pride myself in being able to ask great questions. It helps clarify things for me. I use that skill to help others find clarity, too.

Today, I’ll try to answer a few questions. Your questions. I’m calling it “Show and Tell 1.” I hope to do shorter versions where I answer your questions.

You can send questions via voice mail by calling (214) 736-4406. You can email me at: results (at) Bula Network (dot) com. You can even send me an mp3 file of your own recorded question.

Please keep flooding me with your questions. Well, okay. Maybe “flood” isn’t exactly a proper description, but the verb trickle doesn’t do much for me.

I honestly can’t quite fully express how flattered I am that you visit the website to read, watch or listen to my stuff. I look forward to hearing from you.





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