It Pays To Be The Confident, Swaggering Girl In The Gym

Unique. Remarkable. Different. In a good way.

But how?


The world is full of guys and gals, but somehow my wife and I ended up together. We were attracted to each other, made a connection and after three years of dating, I asked her to marry me. She wasn’t the only girl in the world, but to me she was unique, different and remarkable. In a good way.

How many brands of cars, shoes, ketchup, sunglasses or razor blades do we need?

How many people do we need to encourage us and teach us how to blog? Or do online video? Or podcast?

How many iPhone apps do we need?

All these choices. It makes no sense…

Until you start to think about how attraction works in our lives. Why do I love Heinz ketchup but I hate Hunt’s? Because Heinz tastes better to me. Heinz is different and I prefer that difference!

Be uniquely yourself. Embrace whatever it is that makes you different. People may not notice, at first. Or for awhile. But stick with it.

Over time, if you’ll remain true to who you are…and you’ll tweak things as you go (something we’ve all got to do to figure out what works)…you’ll accomplish two important things. One, you’ll repell the people who don’t like your uniqueness. It’s a necessary step that can be painful, but don’t fret about it. You have to carve out your own space. There’s not enough room for people who don’t find your uniqueness attractive. Besides, you don’t want to change to fit what they’re looking for, do you? Me, neither.

Two, you’ll attract the people who are looking for somebody just like you. In fact, you’ll attract people who are looking for YOU. They just don’t know it until crossing paths with you.

Don’t spend all your time trying to be better. Start spending more time trying to stand out.

Don’t fight it. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Just do it.

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