The Stress of Leadership Growth

Special Episode 001 – The Stress Of Leadership Growth

The Stress of Leadership Growth

I’ve called it a special Q&A Friday because today’s show addresses a conversation I had not long ago with an executive who had successfully endured the stress of leadership growth (and some questions he asked). It’s a very real pain that every leader will feel if they’re pushing toward improvement. I see in every client. For some, it happens quickly. Others, it happens after months and months of arduous work. And the reaction of leaders differs wildly. Some get angry – at themselves and the situation. Others get angry with others. Yes, some even get angry with me – the messenger helping them to see things more clearly. That’s okay though because service demands value. I’m here to do whatever is in the best interest of the client. I want them to become their very best. If being remarkable were easy, everybody would do it.

It’s About A Heightened Awareness Of The Truth About Yourself

The very best leaders push past this stress and tension to a place where their growth soars. I encourage you to keep doing the work. Push past the pain. You’ll be very glad you did. So will your organization.



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