Special Episode – Helping Solopreneurs And Small Business Owners In The Art Of Being Remarkable

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My primary objective these days is to help small businesses find and grab bigger waves. Some of my clients are already remarkable, but they’re dissatisfied. They want to be more remarkable. Others are just now trying to fly and struggling to gain some traction. It’s a wide range of people, products, services, revenue levels and business models, but…

they all want something more.

Today’s special episode is centered around one fundamental belief that I hold to be true. It’s counter-intuitive, but I’ve seen it work well in far too many instances. Here it is.

Focus on a group that is small, that you love and that you’re good at serving.

This statement focuses on two ideas that are both very important to your success: WHO and WHAT.

Who will you serve? Who do you want to be? Who do you most love serving? Who do you feel you can serve best?

What small group do you find most attractive? What do you most love about them? What groups do you most want to avoid? What work do you love most? What work do you most dread? What is it you’re good at – good enough to serve this desired group?

“But I’m not world-class,” says the would-be entrepreneur. Forget that. You don’t have to be world-class. Don’t get hung up with all the non-sense you read and hear. And stop wanting to serve the entire world. The world is a poor target market for most of us.

Give me just a piece of your time and attention and let’s see if I can provoke some thoughts to help you move forward. Forward progress doesn’t always happen in quantum leaps. Sometimes it’s the proverbial inch-by-inch progress. Sometimes it is a big leap. Take it as it comes. Take action and keep taking action. Don’t quit.

Thank you for listening,

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