Special Episode – So Broke I Didn’t Have $1.25 To Get Through The Tollbooth

I needed $1.25 to pay the toll, but I didn’t have it.

I was following people in another car. We were headed to a gentleman’s office. It was business.

I didn’t know a toll road was involved, but I was faithfully following along in my own car. Alone.

As we entered the toll road I was desperately looking for signs to tell me how much the toll might be. Why?

Because I was broke.

I didn’t have a single dollar on me.

Panicked, I opened the center console hoping to find some loose change. I did. Just not enough. Not nearly enough.

45 cents. I wasn’t even half way there.

I couldn’t pull the car over to the shoulder and scour under the seat cushions or the floor board for more money because I was following another car. I certainly wasn’t going to let them know my situation.

I felt sick at my stomach. How in the world had I gotten to this point? What sort of horrible decisions had I committed to drag me down this low?

Today’s show is about coping with despair, defeat and the bewilderment of wondering, “Will I ever escape this?”

If you’re feeling down and out, this show is for you. If you’re feeling all alone, this show is for you. If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t fall any farther, this show is for you.

Okay, you’re right – today’s show is for EVERYBODY because this is a universal experience!

Hang tough.


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