Special Episode – The Only Thing That Matters In Building Your Business

What are you aiming at? Who are you aiming at?

Business is tough all over.

I’m not talking about the economy. I’m talking about the work necessary for business success.

But if you think success is tough, try failure!

Today’s especial episode has one goal – to help you achieve success, or a greater degree of success in your business. It’s about forward focus.

Some people think business success hinges on a great idea. No, it doesn’t.

Some people think business success hinges on being smarter. No, that’s not it either.

Some people think business success depends on having the best systems. Those are nice, but they’re not the most important thing.

Empathy is central to your business success. Empathy with prospects and customers will determine your success in business.

Every successful business is good (and some of them are great) at just one thing, which is actually two things all rolled up into one – customers!

Customer acquisition is all about getting customers
Customer retention is all about keeping customers

Nothing else matters!

Let’s talk about the critical practical realities of business success.


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