The Fear Of Failure Has No ON/OFF Switch

What’s does it mean to fail anyway?

Does failure have a time zone…or a time component? That is, if you’re unable to accomplish something in a predefined period of time…does that make you a failure? Or does it just mean you’re a slower learner?

Beware of the person who says they have no fear.

Remember when the NO FEAR brand was a big deal (well, maybe it still is, but I don’t see it much these days). I admit I had a few baseball caps from that company. I embraced the notion of moving forward in spite of fear, but I’ve never believed we could just make up our mind that we would no longer be afraid.

Sure, fear can be overcome, but isn’t there something about fear that makes us alive? Don’t we get our juices going when we’re afraid? How else can you explain the wild attraction people have to horror movies like SAW? Some of us enjoy being afraid.

Have you ever been scared enough to run? Scared enough to do something other than what you were doing? Me, too.

There are times when fear drives us to take actions we wouldn’t otherwise take. And there are also times when we have to face our fear – and do the thing we’re afraid of any way!

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