"We're Not Smart Enough About That Yet" - HIGHER HUMAN PERFORMANCE Podcast Episode 267

The Myth Of Business Failure (And Success)

This video is now 5 years old.* Hard to believe I recorded this back in 2009. Yes, the economy was a bit different when I recorded this, but I’m putting it out there today because I still believe in the message.

As this was recorded I was in the midst of coaching some people who had fallen prey to some Internet marketers. That perspective comes through. My mind hasn’t changed, by the way. I still love the optimism, but warn everybody I know to proceed with great care at what is really a “business opportunity” market. People in pain are susceptible to being duped.

Business and career failures can teach us some things. We have to be wise in our quests – and resilient. Dogged determination coupled with a strong sense of purpose can help propel us forward.

Have things improved for you in the past 5 years? Have you figured some things out in the last 5 years? I hope so.

But I know many people who are still suffering as much as they ever have. They’re looking for a way out of failure. It’s easy to embrace defeat, but that doesn’t help. Still others are embarrassed that they’re not driven toward self-employment even though they feel everybody is declaring that employment is a poor choice. Not everybody is meant to be self-employed. Self-employment isn’t the barometer of success for everybody. Just read Carol Roth’s The Entrepreneur Equation. She tells it like it is. Candid conversation is usually the most profitable. You can listen to her.

Tenacity is the order of the day. Relentless pursuit. Shaking off failure knowing it’s the price we must pay for success! But telling people who are suffering that they should simply be strong is a pretty hollow battle-cry.

We all fail. Ari Herzog wrote a terrific piece entitled, Finding The Faith To Work For Yourself. He’s candid. I love that about him. Blunt, honest, out front communication. My kinda guy.

* Note: I recorded this in September 2009. I was only about 4 months removed from stepping away from a 20-year stint leading a multi-million dollar company. I was very much in start-up mode and starting-over mode.  Today, my focus and concentration is on the human side of business. That’s why the podcast is now HIGHER HUMAN PERFORMANCE.

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