True Confessions: A Conversation With Me – Season 2020, Episode 10

True Confessions: A Conversation With Me – Season 2020, Episode 10

Earlier in the week, I had a conversation with somebody and I recorded my side of it because it felt like the conversation was going in a direction where I thought you could benefit. I edited it into some material that I hope encourages and inspires you. Enjoy this special Friday episode of the podcast.

Some points of this conversation:

• Podcasting’s role in my work
• Comparisonitis – it kills many people’s pursuits
• Success and Failure aren’t as binary as most of us think (we think we’re either one or the other)
• The pinnacle of success isn’t the only definition of success
• The positive power of doing what we enjoy
• “Get out of your comfort zone” is horrible advice
• Find your “element” (as defined by Sir Ken Robinson, it’s where your natural aptitude intersects with your passion)
• Podcasting is my element
• For selling, podcasting is a slow burn (it takes time)
• Facing what you’re not good at can help you face what you are good at
• It’s about what you love versus what you hate
• Solving the problem and devising the strategy doesn’t mean we can execute it
• Dallas Cowboy’s new coach Mike McCarthy isn’t in NFL shape, but he can coach. The players need to execute it.
• In our careers, businesses and lives – we have to find solutions that WE can execute
• Fixing other people’s car while our own car sits in disrepair
• Being hypocritical by trying to be something we’re not
• Spend time with yourself coming to terms with what really matters to you
• My personal (and easy) objective (and work/process) is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others
• Figuring out who and what you are so you can decide the business you need to be in
• Wasting time trying to be things we’re not
• The Universe is quick and effective to convince us of UNTRUTHS
• There are way more ways to be successful than most of us think
• Idealism fools us into thinking there’s a limited number of ways to do it
• Spend more time with yourself figuring out how YOU need to do it
• Outliers aren’t a good measuring stick for our success
• Success is personal to you and what you think it is
• My income goals would be considered an abject failure for wealthy folks
• Failure and success are relative to what we want (and what we think)
• Failure isn’t final, but neither is your current success (we aspire to grow and improve)
• The barrier to success is the brick wall that Randy Pausch talked about in The Last Lecture
• Doing what you love is a big part of the equation
• Get in touch with your comfort zone (where your natural aptitude intersects with what you love)
• Stop pushing water up the hill (doing what you hate)

I hope you find this conversation profitable.

Be well. Do good. Grow great!


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